The star was seen hobbling into her hotel

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The star was seen hobbling into her hotel

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Nicole Kidman has been knocked over by a cyclist and according to reports, is planning on pressing charges.

The actress was returning to her hotel after attending the Calvin Klein show on Thursday as part of New York Fashion Week.

Nicole fell to the ground when she was hit by a photographer named Carl Wu , who was apparently racing to try and take a picture for her.

According to TMZ Nicole is furious and wants to press charges against the paparazzo.

Police and an ambulance were called and Nicole was treated for minor injuries.

The star was seen hobbling into her hotel with one shoe on as she escaped from the scene after the nasty spill.

She was helped up by assistants and was seen rubbing her right leg which bore the brunt of her weight when she hit the ground.

A security guard was seen wrestling the bicycle of Wu as he lay sprawled on the floor outside the Carlyle hotel.

It is illegal to ride bicycles on the sidewalk in New York City and it is likely that Wu was slapped with a ticket.

Before the accident Nicole had been having a pleasant day viewing one of her favourite designer's SpringSummer 2014 collection.

While at the Calvin Klein show Nicole showed off a new bob haircut and her youthful complexion was c.
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